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Making Change Work #5: why is buy-in necessary and how to make it work

Submitted by on Saturday, 25 December 2010

As the 5th installment of a 6 part series called Making Change Work, this podcast is about buy-in:

  • what buy-in means in terms of the change management process
  • how and when buy-in occurs
  • why people do not buy-in
  • how a leader can get someone who is resisting to not only buy-in but to do so happily
  • when the change agent should begin to seek buy-in from the various stakeholder groups
  • what skills change agents need to gain employee buy-in and how can they acquire these skills
  • what leaders can do to programmatically embed the buy-in approach to their change management policies

Listen now:

For the full series, go to: www.facilitatingbuyin.com

Note: these podcasts are equally relevant for sales as well as change management: our buyers must get buy-in across their Buying Decision Team members before they can make a purchase. This free series will explain just what’s going on in the buying process.


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