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The How of Change

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• Have you tried using willpower, discipline, or behavior mod to change a behavior – and been unsuccessful?

• Do you face resistance when trying to change a habit? i.e. lose weight, or maintain an exercise regimen?

• It’s always possible to generate new behaviors, but it’s not possible to change a behavior by trying to change a behavior.

What if you could program your unconscious brain to
enable new behavior generation whenever you wanted?

How often have your change efforts failed? I love reading Sharon Drew Morgen’s insights. I have found her revenue generating & sales brilliance has incredible broad applicability in the area of change as you think and then behave differently. She is absolutely brilliant and definitely bringing non status quo effective change methods to the table.

Dr. Thomas Dahlberg

Sharon Drew Morgen, NYTimes best-selling author, original thinker, visionary,
presents an online learning program:

The How of Change

a hands-on learning through the physiology of transformation

taught in five sessions (June 6, 11, 13, 18, 20) 
with partner Learning Strategies.

Can’t attend some dates? Recordings available following programs.

How often do you attempt to change undesirable behaviors and come up short – and end up feeling like a failure, or giving up? But it’s not your fault. It’s your brain. Now, in The How of Change, Sharon Drew Morgen will teach you how to enable your brain to generate any behaviors you wish.

Your attempts to change haven’t been wholly successful because you’ve been going about it the wrong way. Old behaviors and habits are hardwired into your brain’s synapses and automatically generate the behaviors you’re trying to change, regardless of your intent and willpower to ‘get it right’. In this program, Sharon Drew offers a hands-on learning to teach you to consciously create new synapses in your brain that will generate new behaviors and avoid old responses.


For the past 40 years, Sharon Drew has modelled each element of how our brain generates change and choice, developing change facilitation models now used globally to support influencers and change agents. As an innovator for decades, she has made it possible for us all to change. Indeed, Sharon Drew has trained over 100,000 sales folks, coaches, and leaders in Buying Facilitation®, teaching the skills – the HOW – of generating change and choice.

Now, Sharon Drew offers new material to teach you HOW to make your unconscious brain conscious to generate the actions you desire and achieve your goals easily. Using a hands-on format, she will lead learners to design new neural pathways to create new behaviors and habits, while avoiding resistance, struggle, or disruption. Read bio.

Here is an illustration of Sharon Drew’s new material on behavior:

This program will benefit:

  • leaders involved in managing change and new implementations,
  • anyone seeking to permanently change problematic habits, (i.e. weight loss, smoking cessation),
  • anyone seeking to generate new choices or behaviors at will,
  • healthcare providers, coaches, seeking to instill permanent change in clients.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I now know exactly how I’ve unconsciously caused my own successes and failures, and how my brain makes choices for me.  In this program Sharon Drew taught me the tools to intervene and make conscious choices for myself.

Nhadine Gardner


With her wholly new model, Sharon Drew will bring you inside your brain to consciously develop new routes to choice that are congruent with your beliefs, and leave you with a useable model whenever you need it. Here is the program syllabus:

The How of Change: a hands-on learning through the physiology of transformation

  • What are behaviors? How are they generated?
  • The physiology of behavior: how your brain regulates what you do.
  • Why you can’t change a behavior by changing a behavior and what to do instead.
  • What is change? What is a habit? And can you have conscious choice?
  • Introduction to the brain’s components: Cues, Filters, Risk, Trial Loops.
  • Making the unconscious conscious: how you can consciously generate new behaviors.
  • Documenting the flow: the physiology of change, from initial Cue/input, to final output/new behaviors.
  • Understanding how you choose: using Self and Observer as diagnostic tools.
  • Capturing the ‘how’: tracing your steps that unconsciously determine your behaviors.
  • Cues: how you verbalize your goals and the role it places in determining success or disappointment.
  • How your Identity and Beliefs assign unconscious risk and how to moderate it.
  • Trial Loops: acquiring new knowledge, practicing new behaviors, weighting risk and failure while learning.
  • Systems Congruence and Homeostasis: why and how your brain fights to maintain the status quo.
  • How your unconscious systems protect you.
  • Beliefs: the filter that weights risks and safeguards your identity.
  • Hierarchy of Beliefs: how you prioritize and weight your principles, morals, and convictions.
  • Bad habits don’t begin as bad habits: how to impede unsuccessful habits and generate new behaviors.
  • How you create your resistance and sabotage; how to recognize it early and avoid it.
  • Making your unconscious journey conscious to uncover choice points.
  • Wording the Cue: the rules to formulating your input to insure a successful outcome.
  • Managing the Hierarchy of Beliefs: choosing your best filters to enable new behavior/habit formation.
  • Populate your new flow charts with your most effective elements for success.
  • Finalizing best Cues, Identity and Belief elements, Trial Loops and Learning Habits.
  • Testing your new flow chart with new goals to ensure desired outcomes.
  • Wrapping it up: takeaways and conclusions.
  • Q&A.



This program has taught me how I ended up with bad habits, and how to make new, conscious choices to generate the exact behaviors I want. I never knew this was possible. I now have the tools to change my brain to get the outcomes I want whenever I want. Why didn’t anyone teach me this before? Biz Burnett

Where has Sharon Drew been all my life? I’ve always tried to change my behaviors by trying to change my behaviors, and now I know why I failed and what to do instead. And after trying to years to lose weight, Sharon Drew taught me how to develop new synapses that make me, and keep me, a healthy person for life at my optimal weight. And I can use the new model to achieve whatever I want. I never realized how much fun I could have reorganizing my brain. Jessica Coons.

Sharon Drew has taught me how to decode my brain to learn how I make my unconscious choices. This is so far beyond anything I even knew was possible – she actually taught me the ‘how’ of what my brain does unconsciously and what I can do to make it all conscious to choose the behaviors and habits I want to get. I’ll be able to use my new tool for the rest of my life. Thank you Sharon Drew. Bridget Bayer

I originally resisted trialing this program because Sharon Drew said we’d be working with my unconscious brain stuff and I thought it would be boring. And yes, Sharon Drew took me into my brain. But it was so exciting, and Sharon Drew made it such fun that I couldn’t wait to take the next ones so I could keep learning. I ended up charting my own path through my unconscious so I could generate successful behaviors consciously. Who knew! Kim Swensen

I was a skeptic. As a friend, I know Sharon Drew is brilliant, but when she told me she could teach me how to create a personal road map to have success any time I wanted to do anything new, or easily construct a new habit that succeeds, I thought that this time she was just talking. I resisted, and she actually had to convince me to be a guinea pig for her. But I was wrong to doubt her. The change model she’s come up with is unique, the information gave me knowledge I never even thought of before, and I indeed developed a model for excellence. I gave in. I love this stuff. Corregan Brown

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The program is $$240 for five one-hour sessions.
Call or email Sharon Drew directly with questions.
sharondrew@sharondrewmorgen.com  • (512) 771-1117

Can’t attend some dates? Recordings available following programs.


Sharon Drew Morgen is an original thinker, thought leader, visionary, New York Times business bestselling author, speaker, trainer, and coach. She is the creator of Buying Facilitation®, a generic change facilitation model used in sales, leadership, and coaching to facilitate clients through to congruent, permanent change. Her book Selling with Integrity was the first sales book to add Buyer Readiness and change facilitation. As a visionary, she started up a tech company in England and Germany in 1983. Sharon Drew is also the author of What? Did you really say what I think I heard? the first book to strip down our unconscious listening biases to understand how we hear what we hear and how to listen without bias. Sharon Drew has spent her life developing models, writing books, and training large numbers of folks, to promote the skills of permanent, congruent change, and servant leadership – facilitating others through to their own best answers. She currently lives on a houseboat in Portland, Oregon.

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