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Big, Bold, and Brassy

Thursday, 11 February 2010

This is one of those blog posts that’s really personal. There will be another one coming next Tuesday when it’s my birthday (I always philosophize on my birthday, so be warned).  But today’s will be just plain obnoxious.

My friend Clayton Shold, who runs the best Sales site on the Webisphere, seems to be having a bit of fun. He either got wind that it was my birthday, or was just in a mood. But he’s got me plastered all over his site in a rather bold, brassy way. For the record, I purchased advertising from him. But what he did was nothing short of fun: Salesopedia home page As if I’m not large enough! Ha. I can just see Clayton giggling as he put up my photos.

But make no mistake: the articles on here – mine, and the ones he offers on the site – are important ones, and Clayton does an amazing job (even when not having some fun) at gathering some of the best thinkers, the best articles, and the best ideas in the business. I wish more people would follow his lead: take care of the people you respect, make them look good, and then find the people who want to take the knowledge and run with it. Clayton and Salesopedia have a way of making it all happen so elegantly (except for today, when it’s big, bold, and brassy).

My presence aside, put Salesopedia on your radar screen and favorite’s list. It deserves to be there. You’ll get a lot out of it. And maybe, if you’re very good, Clayton will make you larger than life one day also.


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