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BP, my Earth, and the Aliens

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I’m going to tell you a true story about aliens. I don’t often tell this story, but this incident with BP is making me so cranky that I decided to tell it. It’s a strange one, but true. Believe what you want of it.

Many years ago – at least 10 – I was in the Amazon with a small group, doing some ceremony, some hiking. One of the men in the group was there on his own as his partner was ill and couldn’t join. He was a Pulitzer prize winning author, and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, well travelled and well read, and he had an interesting way of looking at the world. In other words, the perfect travel buddy.

As I got to know John, he told me his amazing story which I believed only because John was such a straight shooter. Not to mention that Harvard doesn’t go too far into the ‘wacky’ department. [Note: after John wrote his famous book on aliens, he was kicked upstairs, and then fired. That’s right: a tenured professor of 30 years.]

Here is John’s story. And, if you choose not to believe it, at least believe the message.


Years earlier, John had heard some unbelievable tales about people being ‘taken up’ to aliens in UFOs. He thought the tales funny, and began gathering as many of these weird tales as he could find. After a while, he began realizing that the stories were basically similar regardless of the country of origin, or the age or life situation of the folks telling the stories. He became intrigued, and began taking his holidays to interview those people who claimed to have been abducted.

Amazingly, all of the abductees described the aliens similarly. I even got to hear one of his interviews: He even played an audio tape of hysterical teachers and childred when 2 aliens visited a school in the UK during lunch recess; for 20 minutes I listened to children screaming and teachers shouting as they rounded them up, and finally, interviews with many. But this story isn’t about aliens, per se. It’s about my Earth.

Here is what John learned from Eskimos and Papua New Guinians alike: That after each abduction, the person came back newly resolved to help heal the environment – folks who had never cared before. Some became recyclers for their cities. Some became sponsors of water regulation in their towns. Some, living in villages, spent hours weekly cleaning up the village. John said that the aliens said to each of them:

“Earth is the most viable planet in the solar system. We’ve come to warn you that if you don’t take care of it, you will lose it.” And then got their commitment to work on behalf of the Earth.

Believe what you want – Stephen Hawkings believes in aliens statistically, given the numbers of galaxies and planets – but the message is real.


I’m ‘cheesed off’ about what BP is doing to my Earth. I can take it farther, and be annoyed about regulation and de-regulation, about our Money economy that is willing to sacrifice all for the Mighty Buck. [Note: I have a colleague who invented a car engine that runs on water. One of the major car companies bought the patent from him 20 years ago.]

But for today, I’m angry about the fish that are dying, and the people losing their livelihoods, the wetlands that aren’t wet, and the sea that is gunky – and the time it’s going to take us to not only clean up the mess, but to make it all right and get back to what we had. I’m angry at how long it is taking these idiots to fix a problem that should never have occurred – not if they cared about the Earth more than they cared about making money. Would they have had the same sort of set up if their own children’s lives were directly at stake? Well, they are. All of our children’s lives are at stake.

Where are the aliens now? Before John died in a freak accident in London several years back, I spoke with him about where the aliens might have gone. “It’s scary, actually. They were around for a couple of years and everyone had stories about them. And then the stories stopped. The aliens must have given up on us because we were on the losing trajectory. I wonder if they thought it was useless to try to help us. I wonder if it’s too late to save the planet.”

So I’m mad. I haven’t figured out what I will do, as my own job of healing the world has taken most of my lifetime. But I’m going to figure it out. And I’m going to do it right here on this planet. And in the meantime, I hope the aliens come down and straighten out BP.


You can read John’s accounts in his books by looking him up on Amazon.com: Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens

Here is an excerpt of the Amazon book review of John’s book Abduction:

Mack’s credentials are impressive; he’s a Pulitzer Prize winner and professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School’s Cambridge Hospital. He has investigated 76 UFO abduction cases over the past four years and here summarizes 13 of them, also offering his scholarly comments and controversial conclusions. These narratives involve scenarios that are sexually explicit, terrifyingly gruesome, and mind-numbingly chilling in their implications for the nature of reality. The individuals Mack portrays have experienced deeply traumatic events that have transformed their lives–for the worse at first, but ultimately for the better. According to Mack, the aliens are objectively real and seem to be abducting people for two purposes: (1) changing human consciousness to prevent the destruction of Earth’s ecosystems and (2) creating offsping from aliens and humans.

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