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Buyers have always been in control
Friday, 12 Nov, 2010
Buyers have always been in control

I have a couple of annoyances. There are phrases popping up that sound kinda cool, but are absolutely meaningless. Or should I say, they don’t mean what they are meant to mean.
One of my annoyances is about the buying decision journey. If I read the words ‘each stage of the buyer life-cycle’ one more time […]

Monday, 25 Oct, 2010
Sales questions are hot now
Friday, 22 Oct, 2010
Sales questions are hot now

A colleague recently told me that ‘sales questions are hot now.’ But I don’t know what that means:

what is a ‘sales question’?
what makes them ‘hotter now’ than before?
what is their intent?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a guess that a ‘hot sales question’ is defined as the ‘right’ question to […]

What is a quality lead – and does it matter?
Monday, 18 Oct, 2010
What is a quality lead – and does it matter?

Everyone defines ‘quality lead’ differently.
Some use ‘lead scoring’ to follow different ‘touch points’ – determined by industry standard or corporate dictate – defined as having a ‘buying’ value that is supposed to project a close.
Some use the telesales function to ‘qualify’ and pass on to sales what has been somehow deemed ‘promising’.
Is  a ‘quality lead’ expected to lead to  a closed sale? A meeting? A ‘hot’ opportunity regardless of […]

In The Press
Monday, 11 Oct, 2010
In The Press

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SellingPower – Article – How To Overcome The Long Sales Cycle
StrategyDriven – Audio – Making Change Work Pt2
Advertising Age […]

Stuck in the buying cycle
Friday, 24 Sep, 2010
Stuck in the buying cycle

Is your customer stuck in the buying cycle?
I just read a blog that asked that question. What, exactly, does this mean?
I’m going to say something you’re not going to like: your customer is not stuck in the buying cycle. They are stuck trying to herd cats. And you are stuck trying to get them to […]