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Roger Cauvin is smart

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Roger L. Cauvin lives in Austin. We meet occasionally for lunch where we talk (ok, I do most of the talking) and he very slyly picks my brain. Trust me on this: I don’t often allow anyone to pick my brain (especially when I’m not even having my lunch paid for), but his questions are so interesting that he lures me in somehow.

These are the same sorts of questions he uses with his clients – all based on his insatiable curiosity about how things work underneath everything.

Roger is a thought leader in the area of product management. That means, before companies do product development, marcom, or sales, they need to figure out the market problems the product will solve, how to position the new product in relation to competitive products, and how it fits with their core competencies and other products.

How do you maximize your research? or make the most important informed decisions – when they need to be made, and in the right order? Roger will tell you  how to be successful. He’s quick and thoughtful. Did I say he was smart?

Go to Roger’s blog and look around. If you’re in the market for a smart guy to help you think through all of the ins and outs of any strategic product campaign – regardless of the industry as he seems to be able to fit into them all – Roger’s your guy.


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