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Dan Seidman Thinks Sales is a Laughing Matter

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

dan seidmanSales can be a tough business. We all know that. Given that it still focuses on the problem/solution end of the buying decision cycle, and that when we meet them, buyers still have so much to do before they are ready to buy, we end up having to go through all sorts of contortions to get a sale. Before I was doing Buying Facilitation™, I used to curse and be confused, tell everyone my tales of woe, and keep seeking new ways to get through, get in, get heard, get the right person, find the decision maker, make the right presentation/pitch, and understand understand understand.

I didn’t know Dan Seidman then. Dan has taken this difficult job and made it laughable. After all, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?

Dan is an internationally-recognized columnist whose “regular business humor columns are read by almost 2 million monthly readers. His writing appears in Advantages Magazine, Health Insurance Underwriter, Agent’s Sales Journal, Independent Agent Magazine, Insurance News Net Magazine, Monster.com and more.”

Impressed yet? Dan has written a “Sales Comics” book so we can laugh at ourselves and our customers, with books and CD with titles such as Revenge of the Reps, Sales Horror Stories, and a best seller called “Sales Autopsy: a post mortem of your sales that died.” His products page is: Sales Autopsy Catalog

Dan even has a page of confessions – your horror stories, colleague’s horror stories – and as you read them (SEEING RED! Carl’s Attack on a Bad Prospect Backfires) you can see yourself in them and groan.

Dan is the master of the sale-gone-bad-but-it’s-funny story. But there is more to Dan. He offers training programs to help. Here is what he writes about his sales training program:

Here are 3 questions that world class sales pros can answer:

  1. Who are you competing with? (hint: It’s just one person and it’s not yourself)
  2. What is the #1 problem encountered by anyone who sells anything? (The answer gets sales mangers’ head’s nodding quickly when they hear it.)
  3. What is your responsibility on a call? (hint: There are plenty of responses; educate, close, etc . – but the right answer is correct 100% of the time.)

I hope to learn how to make Buying Facilitation™ funny from Dan. That way we can laugh our way through both ends of the buying cycle – the sales portion and the off-line decision-making portion. As long as we can laugh. And Dan is the one to tickle your funny bone.

Good job, Dan. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to laugh with you. www.salesautopsy.com

Please join me and Dan on a podcast during the week of my new book launch, sometime around Oct. 19th.


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