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Developing Strategic Content

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

consulting_picI’m going to ask you a few questions. No answers today. Just questions you may want to answer for yourselves.

How will you know that the content you are providing is the appropriate content for your prospect base?

What skills do you need to have in addition to the ones you already have, to ensure that the right folks find – and purchase – your solution?

What do you need to do differently to ensure that the right prospects know how to differentiate you from the competition?

How will you know that one strategic plan would work better than another?

How do you know what level of content to offer, and how will you choose the right data to include in your content?

At what point will you know when it’s time to add new sales skills so that your sales team know how to engage, influence, and facilitate buying decisions in a way that will ensure folks buy what they need in the way they need to buy?

Just some questions to think about.

Let’s start a discussion about them, ok? sharondrew@newsalesparadigm.com