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Dynamic Growth: Help In Today’s Economy

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

paul mccordPaul McCord can help you sell. He’s got interesting ideas about how to be successful, without giving up your values and integrity.

He’s got lots to offer on his site, but this was my favorite page: Articles

He’s written bunches of articles that will hit home for the typical sales problem. And he takes such a clean approach to working with clients. On his site, Paul writes that he’s “a master at developing simple, straightforward, extremely effective processes to enhance sales and the management of the sales function.”

Indeed, Paul focuses on helping manage the way in, the way through, and the way around all of the problems that the sales model presents. Waste too much time on non-income-producing tasks? Paul will show you how to re-apportion your time to make money. Not getting the right referrals? Paul will show you how to ask for, and get, good prospects who will want to do business with you. Prospects not spending money in this economy? Paul will teach you how to have them pay you your regular price.

Paul’s a nice guy with a solid message. Have a look at what he’s doing. It’s not Buying Facilitation™, but it will manage the solution end of the buying decision, and manage it well.


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