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Finding new staff: have job seekers always been this inappropriate?

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I am seeking a new tech person/webmaster. I’ve approached this in the way I know how: put up a job description on Craig’s List, as well as on 2 university job boards. And I’m getting the most amazing responses.

One of my criterion on the job description is that the person be a ‘good speller’. One man sent me a note with a typo in it. His response,when I pointed that out: “I was not aware that such stringency with text was part of the job requirement or I would have checked what I thought was a casual email with great diligence.” Really Dude? I say on the job description that the person must have great spelling skills, and this is a job application, and you’re wondering why I’m stringent — and you didn’t proof because you thought it was casual? And you want a job with me? Seriously?

The other person who sent a note with a typo said: “For time’s sake I was not treating my email as I would treat content being updated to the site.” For time’s sake? Does that mean if I have a job that must be done quickly that he wouldn’t check for typos?? Or that his communication with me wasn’t worthy of proofing?

How do I trust these folks to do their work without needing to be micromanaged?

Then there was a young woman with just a few technical skills who had none of the required skills, but wanted to take the job so she could learn more. And the woman who is a realtor with no technical skills whatsoever. And the man who started his email to me with: Hey Sandy…. Or the dozens of people in full-time tech support businesses (i.e. not students) when the job description says Must Be A Student.

What am I missing here? Are these people really looking for jobs? What does it take to find a tech student who wants to earn enough to pay for their expenses, work just enough to have plenty of time for school, and have enough creative work so they are learning and growing in their craft and have access to how a business operates, and BE PROFESSIONAL? Am I asking for too much? What am I missing here??


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