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Join Sharon-Drew Morgen in her Austin loft for Buying Facilitation® Training

Monday, 1 September 2014

About Sharon-DrewHi Folks. Sharon-Drew here. Until now, I’ve trained Buying Facilitation® only in large corporations. In October I’m running an intimate Buying Facilitation® program in my home for 10 folks who want to learn or license the model. Dates are:  October 6-8 (sales professionals) or October 6-12 (licensees)

Come join me and learn a servant leader change model that will allow you to:

  • hear what buyers are really saying rather than what you want to hear;
  • formulate Facilitative Questions that help prospects begin the change management and decision facilitation segment of their internal buy path;
  • help buyers recognize and assemble everyone who needs to be involved with the solution choice;
  • give you tools to enable the Buying Decision Team to make the behind-the-scenes decisions you’re not privy to;
  • help buyers determine if a workaround or new solution will serve them best;
  • teach buyers how to navigate through the change your solution will bring;
  • facilitate the full Buying Decision Team through the choice of your solution based on their needs, buy-in, and change issues.

If you’ve been following any of my work, you understand there is a gap between a buyer’s need/your solution, and the internal process necessary to get their ducks in a row to be ready, willing, and able to buy. While the sales model is terrific for understanding need and placing solutions, it does not have the capability to facilitate the buyer’s consensus and change management, stuff that must happen before they buy. Hence, I developed Buying Facilitation®. Here’s the history of how it came about.

I developed Buying Facilitation in the mid 1980s (yes, I’m that old) to train my own sales team in a tech start up I founded in London, Stuttgart, and Hamburg.  After being a successful sales professional on Wall Street, I had realized that the sales model only handled the solution-placement end of the buying decision and ignored the crucial stuff necessary behind the scenes: the buy in and consensus, the change management, the workarounds.

I noticed that my sales folks had the same problems closing that I had as a stockbroker: need had nothing to do with who showed up to buy and I was out of the loop in re how the decision to buy occurred.  To solve my own internal problems – I wanted to close more, faster, and with integrity – I put my decades of creating change management models to use and developed a full-blown decision facilitation model with a new form of question and unique listening skills. The program is quite unique in that it’s a learning facilitation program that helps learners learn at their unconscious level for permanent knowledge acquisition.

When I developed Buying Facilitation and trained my entire team, my sales people began closing eight times more and my tech folks began completing assignments in 2/3 the time (Buying Facilitation also teaches how to avoid resistance and gather comprehensive data, hence it works with techies). My folks were able to discover non-buyers in moments, and enhance those who could by about 30%, with a extraordinarily quick close rate as all involved were on board from the beginning. I also took the model to the coaching, negotiating, and management fields to train others who wanted to implement change without resistance.

When I left my company and retired the first time (in 1988) I begin developing books and materials to introduce the world to a new model that works with sales to facilitate the early steps buyers needed to take and give sellers some control. I have since trained approximately 25,0000 people world-wide. And it’s now time for me to move on. I have a new book coming out in the spring (Did You Really Say What I Think I Heard) and will be developing programs on how to hear others without bias or misinterpretation.

Join me and a few others as I run my final Buying Facilitation Training. Or Contact me with questions. I am eager to teach folks how to bring servant leadership into their sales process. E-mail:  sharondrew@newsalesparadigm.com

To view my final Buying Facilitation Training and Register: Click Here