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Samsung Android Phones for Dummies

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I’m smart. I’ve used technology for 15 years. I can usually figure stuff out, and if I can’t, my tech guy Shawn can. Between the 2 of us, we’ve got it covered.

The  topic of next week’s Cranky Tuesday post is the T-Mobile rebate system, so I’m leaving the very worst for last. But when I got my new Samsung Vibrant, Shawn and I have spent close to 5 hours figuring out what to do.

True, I’ve never used an Android product before, so there are things I just have to get used to. But the rest? Shawn had to spend half a day online asking people questions, trialing possibilities. Lots of people online with knowledge from…. from trial and error?

The most obvious issue I had was that the battery was running down in an hour. Why? Well, the wallpaper I chose was taking up a lot of battery. Some apps took up space… and some didn’t (um… which was which?). We were using the Kill APP (We thought we were so smart because we figured out we needed it!) but it didn’t seem to be doing its job. Or was it?

And when Shawn gave me the use of  Twitter, I suddenly found 2,987 new friends on my Contacts list. That’s right. Every single one of my Twitter buddies who had phones on-line showed up (And even if they all did, with 2987 new contacts, I wouldn’t have known the difference). We finally figured out how to get Twitter without all the phone numbers but do you know what it’s like to scroll through 2,987 phone numbers of people you don’t know? Well, it was kinda fun, actually… I must admit I was tempted to keep some of them :)

We figured stuff out with the help of online techno-geek friends. We still can’t figure out how to make Flash work on it, while other apps work just fine through Google. Shawn figured out how to upload my Picasa files and put up a favoriate photo as my wall paper so as to save battery.

The point is that the damn phone should come with a Dummies book. Android Phone for Dummies.

I can’t image what I would have done without a tech guy to program this thing for me. What do normal people do? Walk around with 2,987 friends – or not put up Twitter at all? Use the pretty underwater wallpaper and use up battery in an hour?

Folks at Samsung: listen up. The phone is cool, but it needs some hand holding. Help us poor dummies out so we can enjoy your product. Otherwise, people won’t buy it.

And stay tuned next week for a truly horrific tale of how to spend $2000 to get a $50 rebate.


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