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Making Change Work: Part 2 – What is a system, and how does change happen?

Monday, 27 December 2010

For those of you who have read Dirty Little Secrets and love the concept of how change happens – and for those of you who haven’t read DLS and still love change models – here is my second podcast of the 5 part series Making Change Work that I’m recording with StrategyDriven Magazine and Nathan Ives.

This one starts, like DLS, with what a system is. Our buyers, our colleagues, our clients, all operate as part of a system, and the system is what resists change. Once we understand the makeup of a system, we can move forward with helping the system manage change.

Part 3, to come out in a couple of weeks, is about resistance and bias: why do people and systems resist change, and how do change agents bias the results, actually creating resistance.

For you sales folks reading this, the exact same issues apply with buyers: buyers work in a system of rules, relationships, politics, tech folks and engineers – and this system will fight to maintain itself rather than bring in a different solution. So in addition to listening to my Podcast series on Making Sellers Relevant, you may enjoy this series also.

For those of you who have missed Part 1, here it is.

To join a conversation about change, buy-in, and systems thinking, visit my new site: Facilitating Buy-In.

Part 2 of Making Change Work

And when you are done, Part 3 of Making Change Work.


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