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Change Management can be easy: podcast & article

Thursday, 20 January 2011

For the past several months, I have been recording a series on Change Management, with StrategyDriven ezine, called Making Change Work. I’ve also published a lead article in The Systems Thinker titled: ‘Buy-In: A radical approach to change management’.

Please read, listen, and enjoy. While my work is often associated with ‘sales’, my decision facilitation model (named the Buying Facilitation Method® when applied to sales) is indeed a change management model useful in any area in which change, disruption, bias, and resistance resides, and it is a guide to facilitating buy-in.


The brilliant Nathan Ives, publisher of StrategyDriven ezine, interviewed me for 6 half hour (give or take) sessions, entitled:

  1. What is Change? And why is Change so hard?
  2. The problem with Change Management: bias, resistance, and push.
  3. What are systems, and how do they influence Change?
  4. Overcoming resistance.
  5. Why is buy-in necessary, and how to achieve it.
  6. Real Leadership.

These podcasts are on my site www.facilitatingbuyin.com along with other podcasts I’ve recorded on the topic of Change Management.


My buy-in article was first conceived as part of a World Future Society talk on Leadership and Change Implementation. Very different from typical and academic thinking in the field of change management, it is based on my decision facilitation methodology that is systems based and choice driven, with the change agent taking the role of a facilitator for any situation in which change and buy-in are required: negotiation, coaching, sales, leadership, influencing, or managing.

Read the article here. And if you wish to discuss implementations or change management issues you might like to resolve, please contact me and let’s see if there is a way to facilitate your change.


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