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Maxitech Solutions Scam

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I got a call this morning from a John Fisher from MaxiTech Solutions, alerting me to a deeply troubling fact: someone from the US – Craig Hamilton from Trenton NJ was attempting to purchase 11 site URLs that sounded like mine – www.newsalesparadigm.net, www.morgenfacilitationsinc.net, etc all using .net and .us,  and he wanted me to purchase the URLs instead of Craig to protect myself. (Of course I already own the .com versions). He said he was offering me ‘Legal Intervention’. He went on to tell me all of the horrors of the messy things that Craig Hamilton could do to me and my sites.

Initially I was perplexed and a bit scared, until I started putting pieces together. 1. I heard a great deal of noise in the background. ‘Sounds like a Call Center’ I said… Nope, said John. Just an open office plan… hmmm… then 2. I began to realize it was a scam when I said, ‘Let me call you back and I’ll discuss this problem with some people here.’ Nope, said John. We close at 5:00 and that’s in 30 minutes and if you don’t do this now, Craig’s requests for the 11
variations will go through. NOW? and, 3. how much will I be spending?? Eleven hundred pounds – that’s $2200!

I was looking at the site as he was talking. ‘Twenty two hundred dollars? Your site says one can buy a one year registration for L10 ($20). Nope, said John. Craig is purchasing a ten year package for each of the 11 new site
variations. That’s L1100. And you have to pay now.

I hung up, went onto www.MyDomain.com and purchased a bit of extra protection for my sites, and walked away having spent $44.

I’m writing this to protect some unsuspecting person from taking these folks up on their scam. THIS IS A SCAM. They are scaring US companies into purchasing ‘extra protection’ for site variations that aren’t even used much anyway (.net, .us). DO NOT give this group money! And if I knew who to report them to (ICAHN??) I would.

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