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Getting beyond “We’re fine, thanks”
Friday, 3 Dec, 2010
Getting beyond “We’re fine, thanks”

When you call a prospect and hear “We’re fine, thanks,” are they really fine? And how do you know?
Here are the possibilities:
1. they are not fine, but don’t know you and don’t want to speak with you but may be speaking with other vendors to seek change;
2. they are fine;

How do we sell if we don’t understand needs?
Monday, 9 Nov, 2009
How do we sell if we don’t understand needs?

When people first hear about Buying Facilitation™, they ask: ‘But if we can’t ask about needs and discuss our solution, how do we sell?’
The short answer is, you don’t. At least not when you are accustomed to. Because that’s not the first thing buyers need from you. The buyer first needs assistance navigating around their […]