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CustomerThink: a company committed to collaboration
Thursday, 25 Mar, 2010
CustomerThink: a company committed to collaboration

Do you want to research something – anything, almost – about business? Pretty broad query, no?
Welcome to CustomerThink, a site that makes everything necessary for you to know – data made available through blog posts, white papers, articles – available to all. And all of the articles are customer-centric.
Indeed, it’s a wonderous site: easy to navigate, and covers a broad range of […]

Nancy Nardin Has It
Thursday, 10 Sep, 2009
Nancy Nardin Has It

You need help selling? Nancy Nardin has it.
It’s amazing, in fact. Separate from the buying decision end of the sales process that my stuff  Buying Facilitation™ manages, and sitting squarely in the Sales Tools end of the sales spectrum, Nancy’s site is amazing.
Have a look: Smart Selling Tools.
You need a contract? She’s got it. You need to […]