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Why don’t you get a new plumber?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Recently, my wonderful neighbor Joe mistakenly left my spigot on while wrapping my pipes. He didn’t leave it on a little so it would drip: he had it running full force. And I have no independent water source — only rainwater collection.

By the time I got to my place (it’s my second Austin home – my country think-house), there was no water (went through 20,000 gallons of water, but who’s counting – except that it’s around $100 per 500 gallons to purchase, and we get very very little water here) – the UV light was out ($100 annually, and I had recently purchased it), the pump ($750) was making weird noises, and there was no water pressure and no water. No water to drink; no toilet and no washing facility. And my pond/fish need water.

I called the local water/rainwater collection folks and told them of the problem. It took them a few days to get back to me. And then I had a long conversation with my vendor. He called back to tell me that another guy was going to come out and take care of the problem. I spoke with the new guy, explained the problem again, and we arranged a date. I thought we were fine. But I dropped by there yesterday and nothing was fixed.

I called him and left him a message to find out what was up. And this was the conversation when he called back:

“Hi. Richard here. I got your message. I’ll be out there tomorrow.”

SDM: Great. Do you have the UV light in stock?

“What UV light? I thought your pipes froze and I need to replace burst pipes. I’m a plumber.”

SDM: Um. I thought I had discussed the whole problem and all of the factors involved, including needing a new light, pump issues, and filter issues. Did you not remember our call last week? Would you like to go over it again? I never mentioned burst pipes.

“I have an idea. Why don’t you just find yourself a new plumber.”


“That’s right. I worked all day Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday, and today. I’m exhausted. I don’t need your attitude. So I can take a day off and you can just find someone else.”

SDM [with no other vendors to call as it’s a very very unique problem]: Um. I’m sorry you’re exhausted.

“Thank you.”

So I had to coddle him, profusely empathize with his tiredness, and make nice nice nice.

But I was soooo annoyed. This is a vendor for god’s sakes! Why didn’t he take care of his own tiredness? Why did I have to take care of him? This is going to cost me a whole buncha money, I had nothing to do with this (I hate when I’m a victim!), I have no other choices as to who can take care of this, and I’m already p’d off.

I’m already eating crow cuz I can’t tell my ‘helpful’ neighbor, I have no other vendor to call, and I am stuck without water. Why do I also have to coddle a plumber?

Just asking.


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