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Wikipedia: a blessing and a curse

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sometimes being a thought leader is frustrating. OK – it’s often frustrating. I usually know how to be patient, or recognize what is happening so I can make some sort of sense of stuff going on. But this time I’m stumped. This time Wikipedia has me totally flummoxed.

Given that I have developed a decision facilitation model that is  being used in sales called  Buying Facilitation™, and that people are starting to use the phrase regularly, I kinda thought that putting up a generic page of text about it would help folks define it properly.

I worked hard to make sure it sounded like other models – no reference to me until the reference section where I first linked to other’s articles, and including bullets, definitions and usage. Truly no bias, just hard data. But because I entered it, I’m being told there is a bias (automatically??) and they won’t allow it to remain up. I assume that if anyone else wrote the exact same thing, it would have been allowed.

Instead of giving them a service, I now have to go around them. There is so much interest in the model (finally!) I thought that it might be helpful, if not informative, for those who are seeing the term around and want a real explanation. And who best if not me!

If anyone else has had the same problem, please let me know what you did to get around it.  I’m stumped.


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