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Yuen Method Training Has No Integrity

Monday, 20 October 2008

I’d like to offer a warning, for those who might be interested in studying with Kam Yuen to learn his Yuen Method training. If you are drawn to the Yuen Method, and want to learn from a person with at least as much healing power as Kam Yuen, contact LeRoy Malouf (LeRoy@ewbp.com). LeRoy is a wonderful healer, with integrity and a kind heart. He learned directly from Kam, and is a fine teacher  and healer.

I attempted to study with Yuen in one of his programs. While he seemed to have the capacity to heal some folks in the room, his ability to train or impart knowledge was disastrous.  He does nothing but stand up there and talk about how wonderful he is, and how powerful. He does NOT teach people how to DO anything and many folks in the tiny class (18) were there a second and  third time to try to pick up what they were supposed to do. I can’t learn HOW when I have to sit and listen to stories about folks who had been healed, or listening to someone talk about where they need healing and have Yuen say, “Ok. It’s  done.’   
And we all had to sit and listen to his negativity, his anger at others when confronted, his need to be RIGHT at all costs (all costs), his greediness, his biases, and his seeming lack of heart or care. In some cases, he was quoting where others were wrong (and he was right of course) and others in the room told him he was wrong and he told us all we were all wrong, at one point saying he had nothing to learn because he was ‘right’. He’s the only ‘healer’ I’ve ever met that works with a model of right/wrong.
When I had difficulty,  there was no one to help or ask. I finally walked out and asked someone to call me to discuss, and the woman did not call me back. I wanted my money back and I was told it was my own fault for not learning – and was called names, put down, and verbally abused.
I have taken many programs in my life, and found at least something valuable in them all. But in the Yuen Method training, I wasted my money and my heart. The folks running the program (and especially Yuen himself) seem, in my humble opinion, to have no business  integrity or personal integrity. I’d just come from a week with HH the Dalai Lama, so was filled with light and love, and was cut to shreds in the Yuen program.  
Save your heartache. Make better use of your money with LeRoy. He’s a very very talented healer and will touch your heart as he teaches.  Seems to me if  we want to call ourselves healers, the first thing we need to heal is ourselves.